DIY for the baby’s room: cute hangers for our little ones cute outfits

Babies outfits are so cute, they can be easily used as a decoration! The only condition is to find some nice hanger…..not so easy!!!! That’s why I first  started to make my own home-made hangers with some nice fabrics. Initially they were just handsown.

A few weeks ago, I bought a sewing machine. Because I’d had never use those kind of things before, I thought, that my little hanger could be a good starter as they are really easy to make and I really love the result! For the summer I thought a nautic design would be perfect!

P1010049                                         P1010224

To make them, I only needed a plastic  H&M hanger, some mesh, a nice fabric and some little decoration.



I removed the small hook under the hanger ans I sewed the mesh around. Then, I drew the “print” of the left and right side of the hanger on the fabric. I cut the 4 pieces and I sewed them upside down. I slipped on the 2 pieces like socks and I sewed on the middle.

P1010031     P1010029     P1010042     P1010043


One or two fish shaped buttons, a piece of rope….et voila!!!!!!!



P1010044P1010047     P1010046   P1010049


Caroline xxx




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