France vs England


I don’t miss a lot of things from France…. except maybe a couple of shops I really enjoyed visiting: Picard, Sephora, la FNAC et……LE MONOP’ (nick name for Monoprix)!!!!! Every single time we go to France, I manage to shop there at least once…. especially their Bout’chou brand for babies and child (ok! Their women department is not too bad as well with some cheap designer pieces!)

Fortunately, there are some shops here in England I would definitely miss if I had to go back there: Boots (How could I have lived without boots????), Primark, and Mark and Spencer where I can find the same kind of outfit for the little Monster as the one I used to shop for at Monoprix…. same kind of classical and timeless outfits that make him look like a perfect little boy (just before he spoils his jumper with some chocolate/jam/tomato sauce)…. same nice texture and materials.

Today, I especially spotted a yellow raincoat (certainly inspired by the very famous “Petit Bateau” one but twice as cheap) , a luxurious cricket jumper made with cotton and cashmere  (nothing is too beautiful to spread tomato sauce on)…. But my real crush were those incredibly sweet sandals!

Sans titre 2


Caroline xxx

PS: by the way the quality of those shoes is perfect too as they  are especially designed to give little feet the room they need to develop properly and they’re made from high quality materials and leather, with flexible, lightweight soles….blablabla….AND THEY ARE SO CUTE!!!!!



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