Ma Madeleine de Proust…

A “madeleine” is a delicious small French cake. It’s also about bringing back childhood memories…

When I was a child every summer, my grandmother cooked some homemade jam with the fruit she grew up in her garden…cherries, strawberries, blackcurrant, rhubarb, currants or those we picked up in the wild like blueberries and raspberries, or those that we less romantically  bought at the market, especially peaches and apricots. By the end of the summer, there were at least enough jars of jam to last us until the next summer.

Her house was constantly full of the delicious fragrances of  cooking fruits and when she had finished  putting jam into the jars, there was always a small some leftover for breakfast the next day. The taste of fresh jam is just incomparable!!!

Buying jam in the shop is of course more convenient….but what a shame not to be able to enjoy the smell and taste of fresh jam! And now I’m a mum, I really hope my little Monster will build the same  kind of memories. Those that come back to  comfort and reassure when you close your eyes and smell the same familiar fragrances some (nearly) 40 years later. So ,although, you sometimes loose a little bit of time cooking or baking…. it certainly smells much better than a sad supermarket and is much more fun!

That’s why from time to time, I cook one jar of jam. We don’t need more, I don’t want to stock dozens and dozens of pots in our tiny apartment (I prefer shoes). Just one pot of jam for its smell and its taste just after it was cooked (just wait it’s cool!).

I make my jam with fruits we haven’t eaten just before they go off…. I think that’s a nice way to save them!!!

This week we have some peaches, apricots and orange blossom water jam to spread on our toasts.


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