Ma Madeleine de Proust…

A “madeleine” is a delicious small French cake. It’s also about bringing back childhood memories… When I was a child every summer, my grandmother cooked some homemade jam with the fruit she grew up in her garden…cherries, strawberries, blackcurrant, rhubarb, currants or those we picked up in the wild like blueberries and raspberries, or those that we less romantically  […]

France vs England

I don’t miss a lot of things from France…. except maybe a couple of shops I really enjoyed visiting: Picard, Sephora, la FNAC et……LE MONOP’ (nick name for Monoprix)!!!!! Every single time we go to France, I manage to shop there at least once…. especially their Bout’chou brand for babies and child (ok! Their women […]

DIY for the baby’s room: cute hangers for our little ones cute outfits

Babies outfits are so cute, they can be easily used as a decoration! The only condition is to find some nice hanger…..not so easy!!!! That’s why I first  started to make my own home-made hangers with some nice fabrics. Initially they were just handsown. A few weeks ago, I bought a sewing machine. Because I’d […]

my inspirations for a beautiful summer….

A few weeks ago, my lovely husband and I  escaped  for a few days to Sicily without the little monster….. Syracuse is probably the most beautiful place on earth!!!!!  A longing for Italy has remained in my mind ever since(which never totally leaves me anyway…) Those were some amazingly romantic days……but I’m looking forward to […]

La Quiche of the Week: the easiest one ever!

  I think that French people like quiches because they are so versatile! You can imagine lots of different variations and serve them for lunch or dinner with some green leaves salad, or cut in some pieces for the “aperitif”, they are easy to carry in your lunchbox or for a picnic….You can eat them cold or warm. […]

A little Bit Like a Springtime Christmas….

The eggs were painted, the Easter tree decorated, bunnies everywhere and after nearly one week of preparation the little Monster was determined to start the eggs chase in the garden despite the poor weather…                                   Not to scare the Easter Bunny away, Little Monster wouldn’t be caught without his rabbit ears and moustache. Here […]


I’m Caroline. I’m French and I live in Brighton with my lovely husband and our little Monster. I like all things that make life a little bit more beautiful, elegant and interesting…. For the last 2 years, our life has become a little bit tougher and busier but lot of more “interesting” indeed…and most of […]